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Proclear Compatibles
Proclear Compatibles
3.8 out of 5 stars based on 22 user ratings.
  • Currently 3.8/5 Stars.
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4.7 / 5
5,621 reviews since joining Google Customer Reviews.


per box (6 lenses/box)
These contact lenses are made by coopervision and proudly sold in canada.
Availability: IN STOCK - Ships Fast!
Replacement: 1 month daily wear
Material: 62% water, 38% omafilcon A polymer
Packaging: 1 box of 6 lenses
Proclear Compatibles:
3.8 out of 5 stars based on 22 user ratings.
  • star star star star star

    Success once again

    I've been wearing Proclear for about 10 years. Glad I found this site with the best price out there and the lenses have been identical in performance to the first boxes I got from my optometrist. I find thesee lenses to be great value considering 2 boxes per eye lasts a whole year (less than $130 for the year) . Slight downside is that I end up ripping 2-3 per year but if this happens to you and it wasn't your fault, you can fill out the warranty claim if you care to bother for $5-$10.

    , May 2015

  • star star star star star

    Very Poor lenses Overall ( I have been wearing lenses for 30 yrs)

    I have been wearing Cooper Clear YEARLY lenses with NO infections or problems for 30 Years! I do not recommend these lenses at all. The worst part is that they are quite dry on your eyes if you wear them more than 3-4 hours, daytime. Several have torn in half with gently daily washing-very poor quality. I dislike tint as well. Bring back clear yearlies please! they are thinner and stronger and last!

    , Mar 2015

  • star star star star star

    Proclear lenses

    Proclear compatibles (old name, new name is Proclear Sphere) have been around for quite some time. I was thinking of trying something new but there's nothing wrong with these.

    , Dec 2014

  • star star star star star


    These are awful, not only are they not comfortable, they are so fragile and ease to rip, hated them made want to rip them off my eyes. Very disappointed.

    , Sep 2014

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Buy Proclear Compatibles - At the lowest price in Canada

Proclear Compatibles are a monthly disposable contact lens option manufactured by Cooper Vision. *Please note that the name on the packaging has changed to Proclear Sphere. These contact lenses let your eyes feel comfortable all day long, even after 12 hours of wear, thanks to PC (phosphorylcholine) technology. PC attracts and retains water molecules around the lens, keeping the contact moist and hydrated while wearing it, naturally. Proclear Compatibles also come with a slight tint to the lenses, making them easy to locate in solution and then apply. Wear Proclear Compatibles on a monthly schedule, and simply toss them away after 30 days* of use.

*Up to 30 days of wear, depending on your use and your doctor's recommended wear schedule. Please note that Proclear contact lenses have a high water content, and this makes them fragile. Handle with extreme care.

RIGHT (OD) 14.2
LEFT (OS) 14.2

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The material provided on this site is for informational purposes only. Have your eyes examined regularly and always follow your eye care professional's instructions for the proper use and care of your contacts. If you experience any unexplained symptoms such as redness, watering, discharge, bluriness, pain or discomfort, discontinue use of contact lenses immediately and consult your eye care professional.

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